What is WMT?


Wholesome Mealtimes (WMT) is a business dedicated to supporting families to enjoy happy, wholesome mealtimes. Adding Variety to the Plate is an audio e-course that has been created to bring the joy back into your family mealtimes. It will empower you with strategies you can implement at your own pace in your home or at any dining table.

Adding Variety to the Plate has been developed by an experienced feeding therapist, the key focus is not on nutrition. We all understand humans need a variety of foods to get their required nutrients, the course aims to reset the tone for meal times and to support your child to enjoy an appropriate range of foods. Not just for a short-term fix but to create a long-lasting positive relationship between your child and food.

It’s about creating healthy food connections, removing the anxiety and stress from mealtimes and replacing this with a wholesome experience for all. We know you live a busy life and listening to this shouldn’t feel like a chore. The information is delivered to you in nine easy to consume audio chapters, each under 20 minutes in length. This allows you the flexibility to listen to them while you’re running the kids around to their activities, hanging out the washing or going for a walk.

Once you have purchased the audio episodes, they are yours to listen to as many times as you like. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with the principles and strategies, our aim is set you up for success. So, listen to a chapter as many times as you need before you feel ready to implement the strategies yourself.

You’ll have access to a series of fact sheets and resources that are referred to during the audio episodes as they become relevant. These are designed to support you in creating these simple changes in your mealtimes.

I purchased the Adding Variety to the Plate e-course to help manage my son’s fussy eating. He has been a fussy eater for a long time and we had been battling along, but it finally got to a point where it was impacting the whole family. Mealtimes were deteriorating and he found it challenging to stay at the table. His diet was just so restricted. Adding Variety to the Plate not only helped Archie try some new foods and incorporate them into his regular diet, it also gave us ideas that have positively influenced the whole family. It has certainly improved the mood of our family mealtimes and Archie has started trying lots of new foods - Felicity (pictured below with Archie)

We started listening to Adding Variety to the Plate a few weeks ago and are taking it step by step, which is really suiting our son. He is already trying new foods and mealtimes are quickly becoming a lot less stressful. In the last week laughter has even returned to the table, which seemed impossible six weeks ago. Thanks Emily for pointing us in the right direction - we are a much happier family now as a result - Sarah